Luxury Suites Barcelona - El Palaulet


A prestigious manor house


In the late 19th century, many distinguished members of the Catalan aristocracy and bourgeoisie chose to make the most exclusive street in Barcelona their home: Passeig de Gràcia. All along the street, exuberant buildings and manor houses started to crop up, among them, Casa Bonaventura Ferrer, also known among the locals as El Palauet. Designed as a residential and commercial project by architect Pere Falqués i Urpí, this modernist building dating back to 1906 is located on Passeig de Gràcia 113, though its rear façade corresponds to Riera de Sant Miquel 6.

Luxury Suites Barcelona - El Palaulet


The manor house

The façade is divided into 3 sections, with a large enclosed balcony made of carved stone, wrought iron doors and balconies and a Baroque-inspired apex, whereas the rear façade has a white marble trencadís terrace supporting an enclosed balcony made of wood, ceramic, iron and glass windows with floral motifs.

Inside the building is a cellar with brick vaults, the ground floor, the main floor and three more floors with terraces. The ceilings are especially noteworthy, boasting spectacular polychrome floral and plant high reliefs, typical of the modernist period. The ground floor is filled with fine wood carving decorations and the sliding doors of the upper floors feature carved cup motifs.

Luxury Suites Barcelona - El Palaulet
Luxury Suites Barcelona - El Palaulet

Luxury Suites

El Palauet

Since 1979, El Palauet has been listed as part of Barcelona’s Historic and Artistic Heritage. In 2010, the building was completely renovated and turned into a luxury.